Cross-platform mobile ticket delivery

Deliver event tickets to your fans in real time, with the very latest anti-ticket fraud and anti-ticket tout functionality as standard. Learn who is really attending your events and take control of secondary ticket sales.

TX.IS is free to download from Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Created by Fans for Fans

TX.IS, the next generation mobile ticketing platform. Designed by sport and music fans with extensive top-tier national and international ticket industry experience.

Fans benefit from tickets delivered straight to their phones, with the ability to transfer them securely to friends using their phone contacts.

Ticket offices take control of tickets in circulation and discover who is really attending their events, whilst reducing ticket fraud and touting.

Secure Delivery

Tickets are delivered directly to your phone, seconds after purchase; so you always have your tickets for the big event.

Ticket system integration ensures quick delivery, with support for both barcode and NFC tickets. TX.IS is compatible with leading stadium access control solutions from Fortress, SKIDATA and Ticketmaster.

Share Tickets

Transfer tickets to friends and family using your phone contacts; allowing you to meet them inside the venue (no standing outside in the rain, waiting to handover the tickets!).

By taking paper tickets out of circulation and providing a real-time audit trail of where each ticket is, TX.IS helps defeat touts and banish ticket fraud.

Latest Info

TX.IS creates a communication channel to your ticket holders; allowing you to push late-breaking news including travel info and which turnstiles to use for fastest entry.

Buy Tickets

Ticket holders can purchase tickets safely from authorised agents, nominated by the venue or event promoter.

Tickets can then be delivered direct to TX.IS - ideal for last minute purchases.


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