Leading Mobile Ticket Delivery

Deliver mobile tickets to your fans from your existing ticket system, with the very latest anti-ticket fraud and anti-tout functionality built in. Learn who is really attending your events and take control of secondary ticket sales.

Fast, Secure Ticket Delivery

TX.IS is the next generation mobile ticketing platform, designed by sport and music fans with extensive top-tier national and international ticketing experience.


Fans benefit from tickets delivered straight to their phones, with the ability to transfer them securely to friends using their phone contacts.

Ticket offices take control of tickets in circulation and discover who is really attending their events, whilst reducing ticket fraud and touting.

TX.IS has been proven at hundreds of events at venues including The Kia Oval, London Stadium, Twickenham and Emirates Arena Glasgow.

Extend Your Ticket System

Send tickets directly to phones from your existing ticket system.

Update Tickets Anytime

TX.IS tickets can be updated, activated or cancelled at any time.

Know Your Ticket Holders

Find out who really attends your events (not just lead booker).

Combat Touting and Fraud

Take printed tickets out of circulation and keep track of ticket transfers.

Download TX.IS For Free

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Tickets You Control

TX.IS gives you complete control of your tickets, even after they've been issued.

Custom Ticket Design

Include all the information you need with custom text, graphics and links to online content. Add seat details, venue maps, sponsor logos and detailed entrance information as required.

Update Tickets After Delivery

TX.IS tickets are live and can be updated at any time. Need to change the event date, perform a seat move, fix an error in the artwork or cancel a ticket? No problem!

All updates are delivered automatically, so fans always have the latest information.

Super Fast Entry For Groups

TX.IS supports fast ticket switching, ensuring groups can enter the venue super-quick using just one phone. Great for families with children.

Superior Ticket Scanning

TX.IS has been optimised to work with many of the world's leading access control systems, including Fortress, SKIDATA and Ticketmaster.


We are proud to have worked with some of the most respected and forward-thinking event organisations in the UK and beyond. Below are the thoughts of some of those we've worked with.

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